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Overview of the features

HAM Office EASY is a professional program for entering and evaluating logbook data . It is based on the experience of years of logbook programming and many hints, requests and criticisms from radio amateurs.

HAM Office EASY basically offers all the important functions required for a thorough and appealing input of QSO Data and logbook evaluation are necessary.
Help functions support every single step from the first start of the program. Using the extensive import functions , HAM Office can import data from almost any logbook program.

HAM OFFICE Easy is a simplified version of HAM OFFICE
for those who
- do not need the full functionality of the standard version,
- value a very simple operation of the program
- are not yet as experienced with the computer

The following are the main features of this program:

  • Evaluations of the most important logbook data in list form and tables
  • Editing of the logbook data
  • Access to almost all logbook programs via import filters
  • Prefix cross reference that has proven itself over many years
  • Data export functions for export to ADIF, CSV or in text files
  • Printout of all important lists
  • Search the log according to various criteria
  • Zoomable world map
  • Different views on the map
  • Map with degree and locator grid, CQ and ITU zones, DXCC, country or prefix search and DXCC information
  • Callsign search (if the locator associated with the callsign is contained in the database, the exact location is displayed)
  • Satellite map
  • Professional label and card printing functions
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